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Minibus Hire in London

London Minibus Hire offers outstanding services in its array of between 8 and 18-seater vehicles. We lease out minibuses and coaches of varying capacity to our esteemed clients. The tour company we operate has been customized to provide travellers the comfort they deserve and experience convenience as they proceed on their journey. All these gains present great value to passengers as we give tour packages which account for the diversity of needs which our customers have. Be sure you can count on our full and professional support when in need of minibus with driver. As well, we offer our range of classy vehicles even without driver to enable you enjoy travelling in them your ideal way. We feature a support desk which can handle any concerns you may have at your time of need.

The staff we have believes in service and offer sufficient assurance that you will experience great time while on the road. Feel free to acquire the type of minibus which pleases you most at the fair cost that we have priced our many tour vehicles. Look forward to enjoying luxurious travel any time while journeying with a London minibus from us. Our travel firm has become a common feature within the tour industry of London as well as its environs.

Our minibus fleet comprises of various vehicles. We have on exhibition a diversity of vehicles, which ensure clients served secure the minibus or coach of their dream. The fleet of vehicles we avail pass through multiple checks to ascertain they can perform at top-notch standards always while you drive in them.

Among the three categories of our quality minibus services, the first one is Standard Minibus Hire. Offered at the cheapest rate, these minibuses are accompanied with high-end facilities.
With our cheap minibus services in London, one can book for group travel, corporate tours, night outs, events, exhibition, and even airport transfer services in London.

The vehicles included in the standard minibus category are 5 to 24 seater minibuses. However, if you demand some extra seats, then MTS do have some great options available. So, just plan the journey and forget about the travel hassles.
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Facilities available in the standard minibuses are:


The drivers provided in the Standard Minibus Hire are equally trained as that of the other two service categories. MTS makes sure that the customers have the best travel experience and for this every possible measure is followed, including the training of the drivers. Regardless of the price range and the journey hour chosen, the best drivers of the city will be allotted to you.


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