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Minibus Hire in London

Among the three categories of our quality minibus services, the first one is Standard Minibus Hire. Offered at the cheapest rate, these minibuses are accompanied with high-end facilities.
With our cheap minibus services in London, one can book for group travel, corporate tours, night outs, events, exhibition, and even airport transfer services in London.

The vehicles included in the standard minibus category are 5 to 24 seater minibuses. However, if you demand some extra seats, then MTS do have some great options available. So, just plan the journey and forget about the travel hassles.
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Facilities available in the standard minibuses are:


The drivers provided in the Standard Minibus Hire are equally trained as that of the other two service categories. MTS makes sure that the customers have the best travel experience and for this every possible measure is followed, including the training of the drivers. Regardless of the price range and the journey hour chosen, the best drivers of the city will be allotted to you.


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